One Piece 839 – One Piece Chapter 839

I think the one piece 839 Monster Trio can use Color of Armament and Observation, but Zoro has superiority over CoA while Sanji has superiority over CoO, when both are compared to each other (assumption). When compared to Luffy, I don’t know, but Luffy has Conqueror’s Haki. I think Sanji has used CoA many times before, while we know Zoro can use CoO when he said he could detect Caribou going after Shirahoshi. Willing to bet Zoro will still be alive. Nothing has kept him down, and it’s not like he’s going after a Yonkou… is he? I forgot.

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Luffy will likely be either captured or saved by Nami or Chopper and Carrot. Even if he loses, they’ll still try to keep him alive just to make an example out of him and mindfuck Sanji. I also wouldn’t put it past Luffy to at any point learn something new that helps him beat Cracker, but I’ve never thought of Luffy as a legit dumbass, despite what the manga says. Gear 4th has been very much nerfed or this Cracker guy is substantially more powerful than Doflamingo. I mean, Kong Gun sent Doffy flying miles through 2 buildings all the while breaking the sound barrier. As well as that, Doffy’s string attacks that are known to cut through practically anything, Luffy tanked that shit in Gear 4th. It was only when Doflamingo used his ultimate attack God Thread, was he able to penetrate Luffy’s skin. So here comes this Cracker fodder character who we’re probably not going to see much outside of this fight if he loses. Straight up swings his sword once and nearly chops off Luffy’s Gear 4th hardened rubber haki arm. Luffy should be having doubts at this point as to if he’s strong enough to possibly continue with the pirate king dream.


Naruto 689 – Naruto Chapter 689

Like hiruzen said while fighting Naruto 689 orochimaru in part 1, the sealer and the sealed are forever looked in eternal combat in the death god. Wouldn’t make sense if he just achieved it after edo tensei because using the version he used requires cooperation from kyuubi. And I doubt the first thing kyuubi will do after getting back is help the one that sealed him. Kyuubi is a hateful creature and that’s the darker half in naruto so Minato couldn’t have just achieved this now, or even while he was alive. Supports the theory about death god belly just being another dimension.

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naruto manga 689

This obito and kakashi thing is like when the other members of konoha 11 entered naruto and sasuke susano equipped kyuubi and temporarily gave them his advanced tailed beast mode with rasengan to help break obitos defence before the defeated him. Yes they pushed it and blah blah but the credit goes to naruto. Because it was all him. Same situation:
Doing techniques you shouldn’t be able to do which take ages to master (check)
Chakra needed to pull of said techniques (check)Kaguya didn’t realized Obito was in one of her dimension when he was inside of the Kamui dimension (within another dimension?) meaning that she can be locked in it. So Obito’s spirit should have sealed her inside of the Kamui dimension instead of worrying about Kakashi. And don’t fucking tell me his spirit can’t use Kamui like after he used it to get out of afterlife.Itachi was a prodigy of the Konohagakure’s Uchiha clan and was praised by his own clan and many people as being the “best” and a genius. Even the Hokage (the Third at that time) and Danzo favoured him highly who then made him part of the ANBU at a young age. Itachi had great achievements as a kid – like topping the first in class (at age 7), mastered the sharingan at age 8, passing of the Chūnin Exams at age 10 and many others after joining the ANBU at age 11. Needless to say, Itachi was one of the kind, an exceptionally talented shinobi in Konohagakure.

However fate wasn’t kind to him. He had to “harden” his heart to destroy his own clan by killing all the clansmen and even his parents (except his little brother whom he loved the most). Despite all that, his true motive was more complicated than what it seemed and that he had only wanted to protect his brother and village. It was indeed a terrible “twist” of life for a young man.