Naruto 661 Chapter – Naruto Chapter 661 Raw

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naruto 661

naruto 661

Sort of amusing that Shukaku’s flashback within Gaara’s flashback is the best thing that’s happened in Naruto for several chapters… Of course, Madara is jobbing everyone and everything and it’s cracking my threshold of unbelief. So he can just throw Susanoo knives that stick in Bijju hands and then pop out, fly around exactly how he wants them to and cutting these supposedly invincible chakra-chains which then re-attach for ??? reason, and blah blah blah blah. Basically Kishi is just letting Generic McBadDude do whatever the crap he wants. Derp. Naruto has Kurama extracted? Good thing he’s got the other 50% in Minato on standby. Minato can just dump that in him any old time and there’s no problems. Naruto won’t die since the tailed beast gave him their chakra ( i think that’s what they did ) ,except the one tail and hachibi. Then we see kurama asking something to gaara, i would say he asked him to give naruto some of the one tail chakra and we see the hachibi cutting one of his tentacle ( probably for naruto or bee or even both ) and minato still has a portion of kurama inside of him ( he will probably give it to naruto ).

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