Naruto 654 – Madara Will be Final Obstacle

We will give you the latest update on Naruto 654 manga. Any moment from now, naruto 654 spoiler and naruto manga 654 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 654 raw and mangazone for the naruto 654 English scans.

naruto manga 654

It’s clear now that Madara will be final obstacle to overcome for our ninja friends.

How I feel about this manga as a whole is going to very greatly depend on how Kishimoto deals with the mess he made by keeping Madara “alive” the way he did.

I am a bit more satisfied by this chapter, this talk-no-jutsu is more elaborate and meaningful. Naruto is finally bringing more points to what he is standing for.
For me it was more the fact we actually get to see Rin and Obito interacting. The entire fulcrum of Tobi’s motivation is his relationship with this girl, and before this chapter we didn’t know anything beyond the fact that Obito was crazy over her because… girl? The scene where Rin is telling him she’ll save the world by saving him is actually really touching

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