Naruto 647 Confirmed – Rikudou Sennin Rinegan

Well rikudo born with rinegan. the latest Naruto 647 manga scans? Then,
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naruto 647

naruto manga 647

thats how he was able to beat the 10 tails.
But he didnt want to kill him or let him free. Cause he knew that the 10 tails was trouble and no one cant stop it but him..
The best way was to seal inside him..
But at the end of hes life..he turn the 10 tails into 9 beast. And give then name and i think personality.

But i would be mad is the tree get a fruit and naruto eat it to increase hes chackra to juubito level….i mean cause this is not about ninja no more…this is about chackra level and big spirit bomb.

Naruto 645 Confirmed – Naruto 645 Spoilers

We are so excited to bring you the latest naruto 645 raw spoiler and summaries.
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for the meantime, just read naruto 645 prediction and naruto 645 spoiler confirmed by ohana.

naruto manga 645

Sasuke wanted to save Naruto cuz he wants to be the one to “erase the past”

But wow pretty good chapter with a great strategic way to counter the bijuudamas
Naruto shows that he is excellent in chakra control
Tobirama keeps getting more impressive by the chapter
Hashiramas volume of chakra is near Kuramas level

Who loves the chats between Naruto and Tobirama? Lol I think it’s funny every time they interact I’m hoping Tobirama displays some of his suitons fareky soon because we heard alot in part one how he was a beast in that style