Naruto 671 Manga – Naruto 671 is Out!

Kyuubi wasn’t angry or pissed naruto 671 at Naruto or wanting to take over in any shape or form. Naruto also seemed to have control over the transformation.

Why? That’s the Kyuubi’s actual appearance, not just its chakra appearance. Dunno if this is making sense though, but I guess the bijuu look different on the outside while the chakra they give can affect in a different way.

In this case, no. All we can do for now is speculate and hope Kishi explains it.

naruto manga 671

naruto manga 671

That’s what I mean, it can’t just be said the evil intent is what dictates the transformation, when they looked that way before they had evil intent to begin with. That’s the Fox’s current full demon form, he continued looking that way even when he was ripped out of Naruto. So it’s not just the lack of evil intent here. Remember, for a time, The fox took Naruto’s chakra. And when it came time for the final demon transformation it required a combination and mixture of both the Fox and Naruto’s respective Chakra. That’s further indication that it’s been Natuto’s chakra and thusly Ashura that has been influencing the transformations, and not simply just a removal of the Fox’s evil intent.

Don’t forget we have many people distinguishing between Naruto and the fox throughout this entire deal. Implying that it’s naruto’s power more than the fox’s. Orochimaru and Shi can attest to that. But it is implied his eldest wasn’t exactly a good guy since he warred with his brother over the title of the Sage’s successor. I personally find that to be a bit psychotic. Just how much does Sasuke value power, though? Is he willing to kill innocent people to get it? Be angry and get revenge because he think he was wronged? That was all before Itachi and hokage, and he seemed to do it for his clan and brother. Madara and Indra were willing to kill good and innocent people throughout their lives, or they seemed willing to.
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Naruto 670 Spoiler – Naruto Manga 670 Scans

Back then the power of the Bjuu was naruto 670 unmatched, then we found out that some could match it, but at the cost of their lives, then we learned that there are some Ninjas with chakra equal to a Bijuu… But now, what does that stand for??? Madara was a match for all 9 of them at the same time, seemingley effortlessly… Only to then absorb all their power and become much stronger, the Kinchuuriki of the Jyuubi, only to after that beeig matched by guy…

naruto manga 670

naruto manga 670

The thing is, if The 8 gates are this much powerfull, that they can beat a guy with the power of all the Bijuus, why take the trouble to seaal a Bijju inside a ninja, if all it takes would be to teach a technique, which doesn’t seem to be that hard to learn, if a Genin can learn it, to a bunch of guys? This isn’t a quest against Guy, i love him… It’s just that this fight doesn’t seem serious… Many fights have been heavily plot induced… For instance, we know that Kakashi can use Rasengan, why hasn’t he used it in a battle? Even konohamaru could and had it’s results… Kishi keeps on bringing stuff up, and then it doesn’t has it’s continuity… He keeps breaking things he had previously stated…

The major problem here seems to be that Kishi forgot to who he is writing to… I bet that most of the guys that currently follow Naruto do so for years… I started to read Naruto in 2001 or 2002… It’s been more than 10 years… And the people reading it aren’t dumb, most of them don’t/can’t accept all that Kishi decides to throw at us…
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